Solo Exhibitions
"Photographic Syntax", Ibasho Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium.
"Origin Stories", Marshall Gallery, Santa Monica, USA.
"Albarrán Cabrera. A display of works", Ira Stehmann Fine Art, Munich, Germany.
"Photographic Syntax", Marshall Gallery, CA, USA.
"Albarrán Cabrera. Lo Indestructible", Foto Colectania, Barcelona, Spain.
"Between the real and the unreal", Bildhalle Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland.
"The Mouth of Krishna", In The Pink Gallery, Loulé, Portugal​​​​​​​.
"Albarrán Cabrera", Sous Les Etoiles, NYC, USA​​​​​​​.
"Photographic Syntax", Esther Woerdehoff Gallery, Paris, France.
"As Far As the Eye can See" Michael Hoppen Gallery, London, the UK.
"Web of Life" Esther Woerdehoff Galerie, Geneva, 
"Playing with the Light of the Universe" Bildhalle Gallery, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
"Sintáxis Fotográfica" Galería Elvira González, Madrid, Spain.
"Pale Blue ●" Ibasho Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium.
"Very subtle light" Esther Woerdehoff Galerie, Paris, France.
"Albarrán Cabrera. A display of works" Michael Hoppen Galley, London, the UK.
"The Radiance of Paradise" Marshall Contemporary, Venice, CA.
"An Ethereal Glow" Marshall Contemporary, Los Angeles, USA.
"There was never a time when we didn't exist" Nailya Alexander Gallery, NYC, USA
"Subtle Shadows of Bamboo on Bamboo" Ibasho Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
"Someone lived this" Esther Woerdehoff Gallery, Paris, France
"Albarran-Cabrera" Nailya Alexander Gallery, NYC, USA
"L'indistruttibile" Galleria de'Foscherari, Bologna, Italy
"Aspects of influence" Dada Object Trouvé, Barcelona, Spain
"Remembering the future" Bildhalle Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland
"Why all the time" Valid Photo Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
"This is you" Kochuten Gallery, Nagoya, Japan
"The Mouth of Krishna" and "This is you" Solo at Unseen Photo Fair. Amsterdam, Netherlands
"The Mouth of Krishna" Solo at Photomed Festival. Beirut, Lebanon
"The Mouth of Krishna" Kochuten Gallery, Nagoya, Japan
"Blow up" Solo at Photomed Festival, Sanary, France
"Ceci n'est pas une cité Méditerranéenne" Photomed Festival, Sanary, France
"Safety in Solitude", Fotogaleria Zoom, Santander, Spain
LEI-NYC-PAR-ZRH 4 Cities, Palauet de Can Vidalet, Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona, Spain
Group Exhibitions
"Summer Show", Gallery Bildhalle,
Zürich, Switzerland.
"Perfectly Imperfect", Ibasho Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium.

"Des Oiseaux", Landskrona Foto, Landskrona, Sweden.
"Coming to Light", Bildhalle, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
"10 Years Bildhalle" Bildhalle Gallery
, Zürich, Switzerland.
"Des Oiseaux", Breda Photo, Breda, The Netherlands.
"Structural Concerns", Marshall Gallery, Santa Monica, USA.
"Coming to Light", Bildhalle, 
Zürich, Switzerland.
"Winter Exhibition", Michael Hoppen Gallery, London, The UK.
"Japan: Werner Bischof - Albarrán Cabrera" Bildhalle Gallery
, Zürich, Switzerland
"Des Oiseaux", La Galerie Le Château d'Eau, Toulouse, France.
"Ocean" Bildhalle GalleryAmsterdam, the Netherlands.
"Abacus", Ingrid Deuss Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium.
"Des Oiseaux", Hangar Photo Art Center, Brussels, Belgium.
"The Intimacy of Distance", Marshall Gallery, Santa Monica, USA. 
"Wabi-sabi. Japanese aesthetics in photography and ceramics", Japan Museum SieboldHuis, Leiden.
"Oasis - Nature and Architecture" Bildhalle Gallery
, Zollikon, Switzerland
"In Praise of Shadows" Marshall Contemporary, Los Angeles, USA
"Mizu 水" Ibasho Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
"Ocean" Bildhalle Gallery
, Zürich, Switzerland
"Highlights" Marshall Contemporary, Los Angeles, USA
"The photobook as object" Ibasho Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

"Holiday Show". Nailya Alexander Gallery, NYC, USA
"Festival of Light". Nailya Alexander Gallery, NYC, USA
"Fernweh". Bildhalle Gallery
, Zürich, Switzerland 
"Wabi Sabi". Ibasho Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
"Tree of Life". Nailya Alexander Gallery, NYC, USA
"Beyond the obvious". Ira Stehmann Fine Art, Munich, Germany

"Texture". Nailya Alexander Gallery, NYC, USA
"First Snow".「初雪」(Hatsuyuki). Ibasho Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
"Seaside". Bildhalle Gallery, Zürich, Switzerland

"Infinite Spirit". Kahmann Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
"Color of Light: Fifteen Years of Nailya Alexander Gallery". Nailya Alexander Gallery, NYC, USA
"Icons". Bildhalle Gallery
, Zürich, Switzerland
"Japan Contemporary" Soiz Galerie, Passau, Germany
"EXPLORATIONS - New Positions in Photography and Photorealism Micheko Galerie, Münich, Germany
"This is you" (I have Photos, Therefore I am) NYC United Photo Industries Gallery, NYC, USA.
"This is you" (I have Photos, Therefore I am) Tokyo Institute of Photography, Tokyo, Japan.
"Secret Places and small Details". Valid Foto Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
"Collect the World". Valid Foto Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
"AlbarranCabrera" Recontre d'Arles, Parc des Ateliers, Arles, France.
O.F.N.I. project Valid Foto Gallery, Barcelona, Spain.
Fairs and Tradeshows
Stage Bregenz 2024. Ibasho Gallery.
ARCOmadrid 2024. Galería Elvira González
Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Miami 2024. Sous Les Etoiles Gallery
Expo CHGO 2024. Sous Les Etoiles Gallery
The Photography Show, AIPAD 2024. Esther Woerdehoff Gallery | Marshall Gallery​​​​​​​
PhotoLondon 2024. Ira Stehmann Fine Art.
Art Basel 2024. Galería Elvira González
Salon d'Art ArtGenève 2023. Michael Hoppen Gallery
ART Rotterdam 2023. Bildhalle Gallery
HAUTE Photographie 2023. Kahmann Gallery
ARCOmadrid 2023. Galería Elvira González
Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary Miami 2023. Sous Les Etoiles Gallery
MIA Art Fair 2023. Ira Stehmann Fine Art
Art Paris 2023. Esther Woerdehoff Gallery
Expo CHGO 2023. Sous Les Etoiles Gallery
B.A.D + Art Fair 2023. Esther Woerdehoff Gallery​​​​​​​
PhotoLondon 2023. Ira Stehmann Fine Art.
ARCOlisboa 2023. Galería Elvira González​​​​​​​
Art Basel 2023. Galería Elvira González​​​​​​​
PHOTOfairs New York 2023. Marshall Gallery. Bildhalle Gallery
Highlights 2023. International Art Fair Munich. Ira Stehmann Fine Art​​​​​​​
Paris Photo 2023. Esther Woerdehoff Galleryris Photo 2023.
Art Basel. Miami Beach 2023. Galería Elvira González
Art Antwerp 2023. Ibasho ​​
Salon d'Art ArtGenève 2022. Michael Hoppen Gallery

Art Paris 2022. Esther Woerdehoff Gallery
Art& Antique. Residenz Salzburg 2022. Ira Stehmann Fine Art
PhotoLondon 2022. Bildhalle
The Petworth Park Antiques&Fine Art Fair. Michael Hoppen Gallery​​​​​​​
The Photography Show, AIPAD 2022. Michael Hoppen Gallery | Ibasho​​​​​​​
Haute Photographie. Amsterdam 2022. Kahmann Gallery | Amsterdam​​​​​​​
Highlights 2022. International Art Fair Munich. Ira Stehmann Fine Art​​​​​​​
Paris Photo 2022. Esther Woerdehoff Gallery​​​​​​​ 
PAN Amsterdam 2022.  Bildhalle 
Art Basel. Miami Beach 2022. Galería Elvira González
Art Rotterdam. Bildhalle Gallery

Art Paris 2021. Esther Woerdehoff Gallery
Photo London 2021. Bildhalle Gallery. Galerie Esther Woerdehoff 
KunstRai 2021. Kahmann Gallery 
Unseen. Bildhalle Gallery
Photo Basel 2021. Bildhalle Gallery 
Highlights 2021. International Art Fair Munich. Ira Stehmann Fine Art 

Paris Photo 2021. Esther Woerdehoff Gallery
Cologne Fine Art & Design 2021. Ira Stehmann Fine Art 
Highlights 2020. International Art Fair Munich. Ira Stehmann Fine Art
Photo London Digital. Bildhalle Gallery. Galerie Esther Woerdehoff
Photo Basel/Berlin. Bildhalle Gallery
The Phair: Torino Photo Tales. 
Galleria De Foscherari
Photo Basel. Virtual Edition. Bildhalle Gallery
Haute Photographie. Kahmann Gallery
PHOTO L.A. 2020. Marshall Contemporary

Paris Photo 2019. Esther Woerdehoff Gallery
PAN Amsterdam 2019. Kahmann Gallery

Artissima Torino 2019. Galleria De Foscherari
Munich Highlights 2019. Ira Stehmann Fine Art
ArtVerona 2019. Galleria De'Foscherari
Unseen 2019. Bildhalle Gallery
Photo Basel 2019. Bildhalle Gallery
PhotoLondon 2019. Bildhalle gallery

PHG Photo Fair 2019. Nailya Alexander Gallery
Paper positions. Berlin 2019. Ira Stehmann Fine Art
Art Paris 2019. Esther Woerdehoff Gallery
MiArt 2019. De'Foscherari Gallery
AIPAD Show 2019. IBasho Gallery
Haute Photographie. Bildhalle Gallery
PAN Amsterdam 2018. Kahmann Gallery
"Remembering the future" Book signing. Bildhalle Gallery
Paris Photo 2018. Esther Woerdehoff Gallery
Artissima 2018. De'Foscherari Gallery
Munich Highlights 2018. Ira Stehmann Fine Art
Fine Art Asia 2018 典亞藝博 2018. Esther Woerdehoff gallery
Unseen 2018. Bildhalle gallery
Unseen 2018. RM Verlag
PhotoBasel 2018. Bildhalle gallery
PhotoLondon 2018. Bildhalle gallery
AIPAD Show New York 2018. Lumina gallery
Haute Photography Rotterdam 2018. Bildhalle gallery
Paris Photo 2017. Esther Woerdehoff gallery
Munich Highlights 2017. Ira Stehmann Fine Art
Beirut Art Fair 2017. Esther Woerdehoff gallery
PhotoBasel 2017. Bildhalle gallery
PhotoLondon 2017. Bildhalle gallery
AIPAD Show New York 2017. Lumina gallery
Art Paris 2017. Bildhalle gallery
Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam 2016. Valid Foto gallery
Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam 2015. Valid Foto gallery
Photomed Lebanon 2015.
Art Libris Barcelona 2013. Valid Foto gallery
Paris Photo OFF 2012. Valid Foto gallery
MIA-Milan Image Art Fair 2012. Valid Foto gallery
Paris Photo OFF 2011. Valid Foto gallery
Photo Plus Expo, New York, 2011.
MadridFoto 2011. Valid Foto gallery
Photomed 2011. Valid Foto gallery
Estampa 2010. Valid Foto gallery
Photokina 2010.
Recontres d'Arles 2010.
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